Malta International Airshow
26-27th September 2020
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Airshow flying display moves to SmartCity Malta
22 August 2016

This year's edition will feature two distinct venues, as the aerial display moves over to SmartCity Malta while the static display will remian at the airport.

Visitors to the Malta International Airshow 2016 will be able to enjoy watching the impressive line-up of aircraft at the airport, and later move on to SmartCity Malta (limits of Xghajra/Kalkara) later on in the afternoon to enjoy the exciting displays of some unique aircraft and helicopters.

The Airshow gates (on the Hal Farrug Rd) open at 10am and close at 3.30pm.

This will allow ample time to go over to SmartCity Malta to watch the flying display which should start by 5.30pm and continues into the early evening with a memorable display of an aircraft formation performing with pyrotechnics to bring the show to a close.

On both Saturday and Sunday, there is a seating area at SmartCity Malta, for those who want to watch the show in style, facing the open Mediterranean sea.

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