Malta International Airshow
26-27th September 2020
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Silver Chicken promises aerobatic maneovers
01 September 2016

Three years after its first ever participation in Malta the CAP-21DS “The Silver Chicken” homebuilt, experimental aircraft from Italy will be participating in this year’s edition. The aircraft is a single seat, aerobatic airplane specifically designed for international level competition.

Built in 1982 “The Silver Chicken” has been crossing the bright skies of sport aerobatics, continuously improved and updated to keep up with the ever-growing pace of sport and technical progress. Its flight qualities turn her into a safe and healthy machine, easily flown by pilots which otherwise would be unable to manage such a high level of performance.

Luca Salvadori Aerobatic pilot in full activity, taught by the international champion Sergio Dallan, he has contributed to the development and advancement of aerobatics by revising and updating the manuals used by the Aero Club Milano FTO to train aerobatic students. Since 2001 he has participated in various Italian and international competitions and air shows using the Silver Chicken.

Every routine flown is a sequence of figures performed solo, highlighted by white smoke accompanied by music. The combination between pilot and aircraft in such a show is breath-taking. The skill and creativity ensures thrilling, high-level performances for all to enjoy.

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