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26-27th September 2020
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Libyan Jets return to Luqa
04 July 2012

The Malta Aviation Society is extremely pleased that the newLibyan leadership has gratefully accepted our invitation to participate in this year's event after last year's historic change-of-country-colours ceremony at the Malta Int’l Airshow.

Having spent most of last year at Luqa after the world-renown defection by two of the old regime’s pilots, the Libyan Air Force Mirages will make a welcome return to Malta.

The Dassault Mirage F-1 is a French air-superiority fighter and attack aircraft designed and built by Dassault Aviation as a successor of the Mirage III family. The Libyan Air Force received 16 Mirage F-1AD, 16 Mirage F-1ED & 6 Mirage F-1BD aircraft. All aircraft were grounded; but, 12 were contracted for refurbishment, of which only four were returned to service. Of these 4, two defected to Malta last year in February during the Libyan revolution.

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