Malta International Airshow
26-27th September 2020
Malta Aviation Society Malta International Airport Armed Forces of Malta XFM
Display Teams Support Aircraft
15 September 2017

What could be the last update on participating aircraft, before the Airshow, is more intended for the aviation enthusiast and aircraft spotters, rather than the general public.

This is because it concerns transport aircraft which will be supporting their nation’s display teams, by flying in and out again, with the teams’ equipment, on the days before and after the actual Airshow. For many of us, it will be the first opportunity to photograph a Turkish Air Force Airbus A-400M, which will be in support of the Turkish national display team, the Turkish Stars. Every one of us is certainly looking forward to that. Another transport aircraft from the Turkish Air Force will also be supporting the team, although at the time of this update it is not yet known whether it will be a C-130 Hercules, or a C-160 Transall. In support of the Swiss national PC-7 display team, a Beechcraft BE1900 from the Swiss Air Force, shall be performing these duties, again on the days just prior and after the Airshow. These are some additional interesting movements, for the enthusiasts, which will nicely round up what is expected to be a great 25th edition of the Malta International Airshow!!

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