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NATO AWACS Returns !!
16 September 2017

A late confirmation, but one that is always very much welcomed by the Malta Airshow organizing team, as well as the attending public. This is because it is perhaps safe to say that this is one of the most distinctive aircraft, which even the general public identify and are fond of, mainly because of the very evident, large rotating radar dome, above the fuselage.

People attending the Airshow, are also usually particularly interested in this large aircraft, because, although it is always subject to operational restrictions and permits, it is usually open for the public to climb on board and observe the internal of the aircraft and cockpit layout.

The aircraft is a Boeing E-3A, more commonly known as AWACS, which is short for Airborne Warning and Command service, alternatively referred to as Airborne Early Warning Command and Control. It is originally an American project based on the Boeing 707 airliner in the early seventies. It provides aerial surveillance and traffic control over the sparse war zones, as well as command, tactical control, and communications, in all kinds of weather.

NATO presently operates 16 aircraft of this type, with multinational crews, with a fully integrated workforce consisting of more than 3,000 military and civilian personnel from 16 NATO member nations. The Malta Airshow, aviation enthusiasts and the general public, warmly welcome the NATO Component E-3A AWACS back to our shores.

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