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26-27th September 2020
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French Navy Back on the Participants List !!
17 September 2017

The last few confirmations from much welcomed participants, keep trickling in, even in the last few days before the Airshow. This shows the dedication, commitment and enjoyment of aircrews, to participate in our Airshow, notwithstanding the fact that they are very much operationally constrained, which is the main reason why often, they cannot confirm earlier.

This late addition consists of the French Navy Falcon 50. This aircraft has participated in previous editions of our Airshow, including last year, but this time it will also take part in the flying display program, with some smooth flypasts, showing the gracefulness of this streamlined aircraft.

The basic air frame and design of this aircraft is that of a mid-sized long range business jet, but in time, Dassault developed a Maritime Surveillance and Environmental protection version of the aircraft, mainly for the French Navy.
More advancements may still be in sight for this aircraft as Dassault and Aviation Partners Inc. have announced that High Mach blended winglets, are being developed for the Falcon 50 as a retrofit kit.

The Malta Aviation Society would like to thank the French Navy for its continued support in our airshow and we are grateful for having them back in both flying and static display.

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