Malta International Airshow
26-27th September 2020
Malta Aviation Society Malta International Airport Armed Forces of Malta XFM
25 Years of Successful Airshows
06 September 2018

The Malta Aviation Society could not bring you the Malta International Airshow this year. It was certainly our wish and intention to provide Malta with another airshow but circumstances beyond MAS precluded us from organizing this year's event.

Hope you enjoy this collection which starts today, marking 25 days before this year's due date of airshow weekend 2018 which would have been Sept. 29-30. This year we would have celebrated 100 Years of the Royal Air Force, an air force with which Malta has had an unwavering and strong connection all through the RAF's existence, including thousands of Maltese who served in the Air Force.

It was not to be and the MAS hopes the authorities will be more sensible in acknowledging the immense efforts of MAS to provide an international event of this kind, on a voluntary basis, which went on for an uninterruptible 25 years.

Enjoy the collection which represents just a fraction of past editions of the Malta International Airshow on our Facebook page.

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