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26-27th September 2020
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Spanish Eagles back after 19 years
10 February 2014

The Spanish Air Force aerobatic team the 'Patrulla Aguila' will be back in Malta since their only visit in 1995. Flying 7 Casa C-101 Aviojets, the team renowned for their formation landings.

Formed on 4 July 1985, the team is now in its 29th display season has an important national task, that of representing Spain and the Spanish Air Force in all events where their presence is required, proudly displaying the colors of the Spanish national flag, all the pilots on the team are flight instructor pilots.

The display of the Patrulla Aguilla is divided into three parts:

The first part, the seven planes evolve together performing various acrobatic maneuvers with different types of training. This phase highlights the great rapport , coordination and accuracy of all its pilots performing showy maneuvers.

In the second part much more dynamic, breaking formation occurs planes separated into three groups: the SOLO, the PAR, and ROMBO. Each element in a coordinated maneuver with the other form, alternating in executing maneuvers so that you always have some forehead .

Finally , a third in which all planes get back together complete with passing display the colors of the flag of Spain, and eventually land in formation.

The Malta Aviation Society welcomes back in Malta the Spanish AIr Force aerobatic team for the second time in the history of the Malta International Airshow, this will surely augur for Spanish participation in the future.

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