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26-27th September 2020
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ATAC L-39 on static display
24 July 2014

The Team on the Malta International Airshow 2014 is proud to confirm yet another participant with non-standard attributes. An L-39ZA from US commercial company ATAC has agreed to provide one jet for static display.

The nicely-camouflaged L-39 is mainly used for supporting air forces in various roles and ATAC is currently also operating in Germany supporting US Forces in Europe.

Undoubtedly, ATAC’s L-39 will provide a new prospective into how ex Warsaw Pact jets are presently utilised to sharpen the skills in today’s warfare.

ATAC (Airborne Tactical Advantage Company) comprises the world's largest out-sourced civilian, tactical airborne training organization and is proud to provide the highest-quality live training to fleets, squadrons and battalions that put their lives on the line every day in the name of freedom.

The L-39 Albatros is a widely flown trainer/light attack aircraft similar in mission to the Italian MB339. Until now is in service with various former Soviet allies. The basic trainer is not armed, but has two underwing pylons for drop tanks and practice weapons. Light-attack variants have four underwing hardpoints for ground attack stores; the ZA also has an underfuselage gun pod.

The Malta Aviation Society is delighted to host the ATAC L-39ZA, as this has made possible one new milestone for the airshow: the first time a company of this kind is participating. We are delighted to see ATAC L-39 in the Malta International Airshow.

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