Malta International Airshow
26-27th September 2020
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51 year old Piaggio bound to Luqa
31 July 2014

The P166C light transport aircraft operated by I FENICOTTERI (The flamingos) Italian restoration group will be another interesting aircraft participating in static display in this year's edition of the Malta International Airshow.

The twin engined pushing propellor Piaggio is the only P166C produced by Piaggio still flying in the world. The aircraft has one pilot and can accommodate 12 more passengers in the largest configuration available. I Fenicotteri took 9 years of restoration to get the aircraft back to flight on the 2nd November 2011after a marathon 17,000 hours to fully restore the aircraft.

The Malta Aviation Society is honoured to have such a unique aircraft on display at the Malta International Airshow.

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