Malta International Airshow
26-27th September 2020
Malta Aviation Society Malta International Airport Armed Forces of Malta XFM
Participation update
27 February 2015

The latest update on our discussions with countries and their air arms concerning aircraft participation.

The Russian Air Force has sent a communication whereby the country stated its readiness to participate at our show by sending the Russian Knights. However, the communication included three conditions, of which two are not in MAS’s remit to reply as they require higher authorities’ consent. MAS can only consider any Russian participation if the first two conditions are met.

The Danish Air Force has also acknowledged our invitation to participate in the Airshow but the final decision shall be taken later in the year.

The French Air Force has also replied to our invitation and informed us that they are considering the participation in the Malta International Airshow.

The NATO E-3A Component has also confirmed that they received our invitation and will inform us with their intention in the coming weeks.

The Moroccan Air Force has also acknowledged our invitation and will be in a position to give us a final decision in the coming months..

The Austrian Air Force, LithuanianAir Force, Irish Air Corps, Royal Norwegian Air Force, New Zealand Air Force, Serbian Air Force and the Turkish Air Force said that they regret to inform us that they are unable to participate in the Malta International Airshow 2015.

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